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Report Community Concerns

  1. Submitting a Concern
    a.  Initiate the reporting process by clicking the "+ Submit a Concern" button.
    b.  Fill in the details of your concern. Ensure all mandatory fields are duly completed to understand the issue 
    c.  Once everything is completed, click "Report It" to officially submit your concern.


  2. After Submission: Follow-Up and Communication
    a. Upon successfully submitting your concern, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will recap your
        submitted details and provide the contact information of the department handling your concern.


            It's essential to keep this email for future reference, as it will benefit any follow-ups or if you have additional                    information to provide.

       b. The concerned department will review your submission and take the necessary actions. They may contact you 
            for further details or updates regarding the resolution process.


Always contact the provided department if you have any questions or require status updates on your concern.


Marion County’s “Citizen Solution Center” web app empowers citizens by providing them a convenient option to report non-emergency concerns from any mobile device or computer connected to the internet. Citizens will receive updates from departments Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.





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Marion County BOCC

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Web Application

August 29, 2023



Any mobile device, desktop, laptop or tablet computer connected to the internet.

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